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Long-term success and economic viability can no be longer achieved by prices and product yields alone, but rather call for the ability to adapt to permanently developing technologies and evolving markets.
Innovation, fitness and technological adaptability are the attributes that come to mind when looking at solutions by B3 Engineering. Below you will find a selection of newly developed products that showcase this approach.




The MASTER series flood lights was developed as a modular flood light fixture to meet many standards for both indoor and outdoor floodlighting. The modern design, with unique replaceable LED module, driver module, creative heat sink technology and famous brand LED chips with lens, provide unprecedented performance and value with the most attractive LED lighting solution.

Product Features:

  1. Professional optical design, precise light distribution, low light glare
  2. 80 W/module, 80-960 W available. Replace traditional 150-2000 W light fixture
  3. 9°,15°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° beam angle available
  4. Inventronics / Philips driver, Cree / Osram / Lumileds LEDs, 5 years warranty
  5. High Light transmittance tempered glass
  6. UV Protection PC lens
  7. High purity die-cast aluminium
  8. Pure aluminium cold forging technology with anodic oxidation (more safety)
  9. Low luminous decay LEDs: Zero decay within 3,000 hours and less than 30% after 50,000 hours
  10. Compact design, module size: 150 mm × 150 mm, module weight ≤ 1.5 kg/module
  11. Replaceable modular design
  12. CE, SAA certificate (UL, ETL, VDE pending)




The DRESDEN series of street lights was developed especially for the specific needs of the South American market, with the best quality at an unbeatable price. Three sizes with a power range from 30 to 180 watts.



The STUTTGART street light was developed specifically for the South American market. It combines high quality and competitive pricing. Three fixture sizes with a power range of 10 to 100 watts.



The FRANKFURT street light embodies a sleek, modern design for demanding aspirations. Three fixture sizes with a power range of 20 to 200 watts.

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